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Gutter guard installation

Leighs Window Cleaning has offered gutter cleans for quite some time now and we often do routine gutter cleans for our customers (6-12 monthly). The questions has been raised whether we can install gutter guard and the answer is...yes!

There are different types of gutter guard, but the simplest is pictured above and 'rolls' into the guttering. this we can do!

Gutter cleaning is a vital part of maintaining a home, however, it is also very easily overlooked by many homeowners. There are many serious issues that can arise with clogged gutters as they are a part of the system that carries water and debris away from your home reducing the risk of water damage, mold and decay. Here’s an overview over why you should keep your gutters clean:

Water damage

By cleaning your gutters you can avoid experiencing serious water damage to your home. If water gathers in your gutters and around your home it can weaken the roof, the walls and even the foundation of your home. You should also make sure the downpipes extend far enough away from your home.

Having unhealthy gutters can cause serious deterioration to your house, like water damage

Nesting area for pests

A clogged gutter is the perfect nesting area for pests such as termites, mosquitos, rodents, snakes, etc. The pests are also known for using unprotected gutters as an entry into the roof space of your house. You can avoid the smaller pests with regular gutter cleaning, however to inhibit the rodents and snakes from entering you would generally require a gutter guard. Gutter guards will protect your home by cutting off access to the roof space.

Unprotected gutters are the perfect spot for pests to nest

Mould and mildew growth