Gutter cleaning and pressure washing services at Leighs Window Cleaning!

Ok now its Autumn/Winter, leaves are aplenty, weathers been beautiful and mild (but the rain is well on its way) and everyone seems to be getting out cleaning up the house & getting ready for the potentially blustery weather, its probably the best time of year to let us get your gutters cleaned.

With a taste of recent rain its definitely come up from quite a few of our customers over the last couple of weeks and we have been hitting up gutter cleaning in preparation for the rainy season of the oncoming winter months.

We can do this safely and efficiently so you don't have to risk yourself to make your house leak-proof and flood-proof for the wet season and your gutters can efficiently do their job.

We advise our customers to do at least 2 good gutter cleans each year-Autumn (March/April) and Spring (September/October). This way your gutters are clean and free flowing to funnel away the winter rains, leaving your house safe and comfortable in the wetter months. Then in Spring-a good 'Spring-Clean' never goes astray!

Did I mention we can also handle any and all pressure washing requirements you may have? From whole house wash-downs, to paths & pavers, driveways, furniture etc..literally anything! this makes all surfaces clean and presentable PLUS (more importantly) it makes them SAFE from being slippery form wet winter moss etc.

Call us now and get us over. And the best thing is, 90% of the time you don't even have to be there! Call now, we're waiting...!

Regards - Leigh & the team.

COVID19 UPDATE Melbourne: HOORAY! We are back out there and at it as of Monday 19 October.

Contact us NOW! See you all ASAP!

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