STRESS and Disagreeing with the toxic myth of exclusion and scarcity...

It’s easy to believe that excluding a group increases the benefits for those that are doing the excluding. That division and barriers somehow benefit the people who divide and hoard.

That’s true when we’re talking about allocating a truly scarce resource. If you’re on a spaceship that’s headed for Mars, the oxygen you’ve got is all you’ve got. (Unless you have the technology needed to make more).

But in our modern world, a world built on community, connection and the magic that comes from combining ideas, the opposite is true. When people deprive others of education and opportunity, they’re not helping themselves, they’re depriving themselves of the benefits that would come from what others would end up contributing. We don’t benefit from treating others poorly, we pay for it.

More programmers, more healthy parents, more scientists, more leaders, more passionate artists, more breakthrough designers, more caring health care providers–it doesn’t crowd out anything. It creates more opportunity for everyone.

This is one reason that the faux scarcity of famous colleges is so toxic. Because we don’t have to exclude and sort to help people move forward anymore, yet we do.

My goal is to lift as many people as possible to greater heights and better lives while I'm on this planet, breathing this air and taking in its beautiful offerings.

An I mean that 100%. Give me more action, more opportunity to help honest people, more chances to contribute and learn from helping and teaching.

I don’t get stressed from too much action, I get stressed from not enough. Boredom and lack of productivity are stressful.  Oppression of our previous 'Norm' can cause a lot of stress. Well, the best thing to do is to get pro-active and start working on solving the problem another way. At then end of the day, that's what will make life better. And in truth, this is not the first time we've had to deal with a situation like this, and it most likely won't be the last.

So, lets not exclude, and divide, and cause things to argue about and have less love for our fellow man. Lets teach and learn, and lets include and help good people who want help and want to give back.

Its fun. Its honest. And its more from the heart...

Leigh Crouch

Owner & Director of Flourishing in life!


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