Creating lifestyle value-whats the correct attitude? Can-do, will-do, have-done and always will!

Updated: Apr 29

We know and understand what value our Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning company delivers. We're totally clear on this and also understand that a lot of people are not as clear on it as we are (including some of our competitors).

Our motto is to make it go in the right direction always. Not letting up. Get the job done. 

We understand that you want to add value to your LIFESTYLE. And if anyone doesn't deliver on this in all possible facets-from convenience, to friendliness and attentiveness to detail, and to our booking service efficiency then they're doing it WRONG.

We know your time is precious, life isn't about hanging around for the windows to be cleaned. We also know it's not about just 'cleaning the windows' but more about the result you feel when it's done, including the trust and efficiency with which it is done. That final feeling of freshness, relaxation, pure bliss...and clean, clear views of the outside world.

We know this because we are all professional in our own PERSONAL standards and have invested in our business to look and feel the best (nothing more embarrassing than to be seen to have unsightly or untrustworthy workers on your property!)-look at the way we present when we arrive: We have clean and fresh vehicles, we have clean and presentable uniforms, we speak politely and professionally and are considerate of your needs first, we keep all our equipment clean and current (latest and highest quality tools) and the list goes on. You can judge us by our actions, not our words.

We know this because we also have families, partners and clients to impress our pride upon. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with presenting a top-notch impression to others and ourselves. Thats what it's all about.

We have invested a lot of time and thought into ourselves in order to give you what you have asked for in a service company and its personnel. We think it's clear. We hope we exceed your expectations.

We think so. 😁

Regards Leigh

Owner & Operator

Leighs Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning.

PS And don't forget to refer your friends! Let us know whenever you do and we'll send you a discount voucher for your next service.

PPS as always, when you book 2 or more of the services from our 'menu', you'll get a nice little discount to sweeten the deal😊. Call now 0414 413 643 or

COVID19 Stage 4 Restrictions Melbourne: strange times...we are constantly tracking our options to service you. Please bear with us and don't hesitate to contact us any time.


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