Deck Clean & refresher. Don't say that with an NZ accent...!

*DECK REFRESH* Ecstatic customer! “OMG Leigh it looks so good 👌 You’re a legend my friend. Thanks heaps 😀”. WHOA what a stunning result. Nothing better to brighten you up in the chilly Winter season. Magic little front deck and steps refreshed and made non-slippery. Keep ‘em coming.

Who doesn’t love a bit of a spruce up on the side-of-house decking!?! Awesome results on this friendly customers synthetic (non-wood) deck. The surface moss on it was causing her to not walk down this path for fear of slipping over. Plus it was plain unsightly! Customer is relieved and over the moon with happiness!

Little bit of decking before and after. Now is always a good time to get exterior upkeep done. It’s not just a ‘Spring-clean’ type of thing. So long as the daylight shines, we’re out there for you!

Deck refresh😃😀! Synthetic decking needed a good scrub down. Now this cute little sanctum is peaceful and fresh. Perfect for relaxing escapism! 😝👍🏻

Holy moley! Check out this time lapse of a deck strip back we just did on Saturday. What a difference! There’s no better way to get this done with minimal mess, no dust on everything and a much more noticeable improvement. Right after it dries we add a premium decking oil of your choice to protect the wood from the elements. Summer ready! PS I bet you can’t spot when Lee has a lie down while he watches the boss take over...😝👍🏻

Bit more deck prepping. OMG people are loving this! Getting their house proud vibes going. Game on!


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