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I’m GETTING SCARED 😱! (Hint: your Mum...).

Booking up extremely fast now. Limited dates. Don’t miss out. Your windows will look clean for longer than you think so book in now. Gutters need to be emptied and ready for the wet weather and there's never a better time to clean up your house exterior, driveway and pathways for a freshen up and to eliminate any nasty slippery surfaces making them fall-safe.

This Crisis (Covid-19) will BE OVER much quicker than we realise!

We will back you up and make you happy-GUARANTEED. And remember, any day now when this is all over, your MUM WILL COME TO VISIT! And boy, if the place isn't looking good, there will be NO excuses and you'll be banished to the yard to make a start on it all yourself.

Booking is EASY, convenient and fast! 0414413643 or will get you all under control with nothing else to worry about!

TRUST ME, DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE OR YOU’LL MISS OUT. And then I’ll be heartbroken that I couldn’t help your beautiful home before your Mum arrives to visit and YOU'LL be the one in big trouble😭😂🤭.

Let us come around now, freshen up your beautiful sunny views by eliminating the evil dirt-bug from your windows (and whole house exterior) and you can sit back in peace on a Sunday morning, read the paper, enjoy a coffee with breakfast and simply relax in your beautiful sparkling-fresh home!

And don’t forget to tell your family and neighbors about how life changing Leigh’s Window Cleaning, Gutter cleaning and Pressure cleaning has been for you! 😝👍🏻

Call Helen now and we'll get your house feeling fresh and amazing right away!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Leigh & the team at LWC!

PS If you'd like to book for May, we're offering our 10% discount now for anyone booking in by end of April. Hurry now, offer ends April 30, 2020!

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