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MIRACLE CURE-Non-invasive, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing technology.

Do you have crows feet and frown lines? Bitter mouth from pursed lips?

Or even worse, permanently white knuckles of frustration form all the COVID interruptions to life??

Well, Leighs Window & Pressure Cleaning is the miracle cure for all these ailments!

Our three top tips for age reversal are:

Lee finally doing some work. But he's pretty good actually.

We are the Anti-wrinkle machines! We can cause all those stress lines, worry dimples and white knuckles to disappear instantly when you see and feel how clean your windows are. Simply call us to book in your window clean, pressure clean and gutter clean and we'll knock 10% off for the month of June.

Be like this lady-"Leigh made me feel just wonderful. He's the most special person I've ever met. He always does as I ask and is very helpful. I think he's the #1 best Window Cleaner, Pressure Cleaner and Gutter Cleaner on this PLANET. Bar None!"
-Hetty (Leighs mum, of course).

Just look at Brian. He’s a wrinkle machine (he can't be saved, but you can). Let him do all the frowning so you don’t have to. This is him frowning at the dirt on your windows-he's a lean mean dirt busting machine of a man. You should see the dirt run (he is actually a bit scary in this picture I took of him, but he's honestly a softie with a heart of gold).

He's an animal for clean windows!!!

Now take a look at this lady for a before-and-after photo once we have been. We guarantee these results every time

(unless you're Brian)!

Before & After Leighs window Cleaning.

Call us now for a fresh, clean feeling house.

Window Cleaning, Pressure washing & gutter cleaning. We will make you fell amazing!

Surely you don't want to age any more than what we already have!

All the best guys-Leigh.

Disclaimer: Brians not really a scary guy. He just doesn't like dirty windows. 😂👍🏻

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