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Old mate ('back in my day...') - Meet Brian M.

Aaaand we're back again with out small series of the core workers who make up your trusted favourite team of professionals. You'll get another few quick-shot insights into who they are inside and outside of the LWC machine. I hope you get a giggle and have even more love for these guys as they wear their hearts on their sleeves, are honest and ethical workers and just have one common purpose: To brighten your world.

As stated earlier, these posts may or may not be politically correct, but then again, this is not politics. Its a bit of light hearted humor and spirit-of-play. It grabs the essence of how we operate as a team and a great bunch of mates. We all personally know each other and have regular hang outs after work. I think this creates a really tight-knit team who are constantly on the same page and follow the same purpose of our essential core values. And we will not allow anyone on the team that doesn't have the same standards and purpose.

So here I present the elder of the tribe, the one who Lee often runs away from, the one that is only appeased with sweet donuts and coffee, and the one who gives the best life lessons on all of's BRIAN!!!

He's a seemingly grumpy old man, but in fact he's quite the opposite. He has a heart of gold and a skill set built back in the day when men were real men, made of stone grimaces and followed by a fleeting wave of gorgeous women. He often tells all of us 'young ones' how it should be done (including me, the owner and hand that metaphorically feeds him. Sometimes...). But the customers who have met him have a die-hard loyalty to his superior customer servicing and serious set of life skills. He's good on the tools, he's great fun to have on the team and he's a jack of all trades whenever it comes time for Lee to have a cup of tea and a lie down.


  • All things Window Cleaning

  • Pressure Cleaning Whiz

  • Painting professional

  • Tailgating while his wife is in the car (sometimes getting away with it)

  • Fitter and Turner by trade

  • House-build supervisor (a bit like Keith from 'The Block' HAHA).

  • Handyman extraordinaire

  • Truck driving legend

  • Team disciplinarian

  • LEAST likely to try anything and everything new (quite unlike Diego)

  • Doesn't really eat breakfast...probably explains the grumpy appearance.

Well, this old rooster definitely has a bit up on some of the younger ones of the team. I suppose this is why he makes his mark by throwing his authoritarian weight around on the job and basically gets things done!

Brian has been with us since the beginning - Circa 2000 - and, between trying to retire (sometimes taking 6 months off then getting bored) and going hard on the tools, he loves to have a donut. Basically this is his Kryptonite, his achilles heel, his main weakness and how I keep him on a leash. Even the mention of a donut or a Chokkie Big M and he goes into a trance like state, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done fast and get to the nearest Servo for his fix🤭🤣🍩

But seriously, at the end of the day, Brian is fantastic. He's loyal and trustworthy and once again has won the hearts of many of our customers to date. He's a rare breed and one of the soon-to-be-extinct 'Back in my day' type of guys.

A man of mild Interests (unless its the obvious - a donut):

  • Loves to work with all things wood - from building houses to making stunning Grazing platter boards.

  • Being pretend-grumpy

  • Playing with his 5 grandkids

  • Classic Chocolate Big M (they're not the same as they were in the '80's he tells me)

  • Ford Mustang cars. THESE he goes nuts over

  • Youtube videos of cats

  • Calling Lee a slacker (but then again, who doesn't 😳😆)

  • Trying to fix electronics then having to replace them quietly without his wife knowing

Favourite (most applicable) Quotes:

ME: "Did you get that last window?"

BRIAN: "Which one? I don't remember. I don't know what you're talking about. Let's go (to the servo)".

Most definitely a Brian story. But never him. Only his cousin Ernie would do this...

Just ask anyone that knows Brian...

Anyway, here's to hoping you enjoyed this and seeing the lighter side of our team. We love the culture and the fun we have, but when its time to get serious, there's no better team. We believe its healthy to have a bit of clean fun (sorry for the pun!) and make the journey to brightening our customers worlds a good one.

Warmest Regards-Leigh & The team at Leighs External Cleaning Services.

0414 413 643

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