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Windows, Gutters & Pressure Cleaning

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Its never been easier actually! Just follow the below directions, we'll take a look at your photos , then give you an accurate idea of price and next available booking. 

Much easier & better than waiting around for days to get your questions answered.

Welcome to the digital age everyone!

The way we do it.

1. QUOTING (rapid and easy!)

Simply just SMS or email a few photos of your house right now and we'll get back to you almost immediately (just broad shots-each side of the house is fine).

We know how busy people can get and this is a simple solution for most. 

Otherwise we can come out to meet and greet and quote.

Whatever works for you, works for us!


(only the best in the world!)

Our perfectly personalised service of your window cleaning, pressure cleaning or gutter cleaning is a huge winner with all our customers. You're guaranteed to see the value and difference.

Peace of mind (when we are in your home) and perfection are but two of the qualities we have mastered with our 20 years experience.


Our customers have been known to be so happy with us, they get us back time

and time again.

In fact, sometimes they're so happy, they won't leave us alone (like, FOREVER!). Which also makes us really happy!

Plus they are constantly recommending us to all their friends and family.

A very healthy sign we are a long standing reliable business.

Leighs Window Cleaning

Windows, Gutters & Pressure Cleaning

Window, Gutter & Pressure Cleaning

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COVID19 UPDATE Melbourne: As it seems, we will be back on the road to service you starting week of

October 26. We are constantly tracking our options to service you.

Please bear with us and don't hesitate to contact us any time.


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