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Making Melbourne's homes and commercial buildings sparkle for over 21 years!

pressure Cleaning 

Have you ever been outside and thought to yourself:

'This is slippery, ugly and dangerous. Enough!'

Well, we understand and we can clean everything up for you from the gutter line down to the ground and all your paths, driveways, pool pavers and more!

We can pressure clean almost anything and everything for that clean fresh look.

We can deliver so you are completely relaxed and proud of your domain and you will feel refreshed and relaxed again!


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Pressure Cleaning 

     We can rejuvenate almost anything, anywhere!

     🌀Driveways, footpaths, outdoor living areas, whole house washdowns and more!

     ✅ Concrete

     ✅ Weatherboards

     ✅ Render

     ✅  Bricks & Pavers

     ✅ Hard stone

     ✅ Pebble mix

     ✅ Decks

     ✅ Fences


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We are all here to make you feel great - thats the simplicity of it.

If you've had a bad experience in the past with another company, try us out and you'll see

there IS a difference. 

Our goal is to help you so you never have to go looking for a maintenance crew again.

Happiness forever!


We get it-we're homeowners and business owners too. And we have a LOT of house pride for our personal property.

We've got an extremely effective and cost-friendly solution for you with our pressure cleaning & washing services. And it's often a lot easier, safer and cheaper than you first realise!

We draw on our 20 years of distilled experience to employ the absolute best methods, techniques and equipment so you have a safe, clean and satisfactory experience with our pressure cleaning servicein Melbourne..

Have you got: 

  • Unsightly pavers?

  • Dirty disgraceful driveways?

  • Dusty old house?

  • Dirty Ruined render?

  • Slippery unsightly pathways?

  • House or property has lost its fresh zing feeling??

  • Or does everything just need a good freshen up...?

Take a look at a few photos of actual jobs we have completed ourselves to get a good idea

of how we can rid you of these dirty problems.

Of course, we have done a lot more than what is shown here:

  • Full house wash downs

  • Fences, pathways and pavers

  • Deck clean and re-oil

  • Driveway washdowns

  • Showroom/outlet outdoor signage

  • Entire body corporate cleans including abseil pressure cleaning [difficult access]

  • Schools

  • Pools

  • Apartment blocks

  • Bricks, Pavers, Hard Stone, Tiles, Decking, Fences, Pebble Mix, and the list goes on!

As always, send us over some photos, we'll take a look and give you a good price and next available schedule for the works to be completed. And naturally we're happy to come over to take a more personal look if you like.

What more could you want than the company you have grown to trust and love for over 20 years now to offer you a

full house exterior service??!


We'd love to hear from you!

leigh's Window & Pressure Cleaning

We're here to help. We have over 21 years experience and can manage almost anything for you to clean up your property exterior. So give us a call, text or email now. We're waiting to make you feel great!