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Massive jobs are us!

Did you know, LWC (Leighs Window Cleaning) are able to handle ANY job, of ANY size with ANY requirements? Im betting you didn’t.

We may come across as a small one-man-show, which essentially is where our hearts remain, but we also bring that level of care and skill to the big boys!

We have recently Window cleaned a medium sized 10+ storey building (over 240 apartments) which included access machinery, full traffic management and abseil technicians (we also painted this building in January!).

Then the week prior we managed a 3-4 storey block of apartments which comprised 38 units to a fantastic result.

Then a week before that we managed a 3 storey office building for one of the worlds largest publishing companies.

THEN prior to that we managed one of Australia’s biggest warehouses of wholesale clothing that supply brands such as Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Ski Mission-amongst many other high end street and fashion markets.

Then, omg, just before that, we did a large factory estate restoration on over 22 factories' glass and aluminium cladding. This restored the original appearance of this site and enabled the owner to gain maximum return on his investment.

We also cleaned one of Alissa & Lyssandra’s apartments as featured on the hit Aussie show ‘The Block’.

Then to top it all off we attended another fundraising charity event for one of our close friends & colleaugues.

Not to mention, on all of the above, we managed their gutters as well as keeping all our favourite regular customers fully serviced and totally happy too!

So the moral of the story is, give us a call now and let us manage anything you can throw at us. We'll take it off your mind once and for all and do it the right way!

Cheers and looking forward to hearing from you all.


0414 413 643

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