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Winter window cleaning...'I’m not getting the windows done because its going to rain this week..

Hi Friends and inner family of Leighs Window Cleaning!

So, sometimes I hear this from our customers or potential newbies:

‘I’m not getting the windows done because its going to rain this week’.

Ok, fair call. We do live in Melbourne after all.

But honestly, with Melbourne weather, this could happen any time of the year, so autumn and winter is really no excuse.

Actually, its not so much the rain itself that causes dirty windows (rain water is pure and clean) its when there's already dirty glass and the rain smears this or ‘pits’ the dirt, accentuating the dirty appearance of the glass.

Or sometimes the rain washes off half of the dirt, leaving the other half and it becomes very noticeable.

Its no different with the water we use to wash your windows. As soon as it get to a certain point of being dirty, theres no point continuing to use it. Its easier and a much better final product, to just quickly refresh the bucket of water and continue.

Or when one washes their car, the water just beads off it like water off a ducks back...🦆.

The best solution is to keep the glass clean and free from build up. This way when pure rain water gets on it, it dries clean.

Let us help make your house comfortable and feeling fresh, even in these sometimes gloomier months of the year and we'll all feel a lot happier. Its very, very easy and probably one of the cheapest and quickest ways to uplift your home!

Make sense? Hope this helps. We love our jobs and love to help!

Cheers Leigh.

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