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Does wet weather prevent you from Window Cleaning?

Yet again, this potentially inclement (cold or wet) time of year brings up a few questions that are good to talk about. Clearing them up then gives one a good understanding of how we operate and under what conditions.

Its a good question, and at times a common one. The short answer is...nope! We come from good stock...(though sometimes my kids tell me differently!) and are willing to work under any conditions to get your house or property looking amazing for you. The only exceptions are occasionally some roofs are not ok in wet weather, and occasionally certain wind conditions (usually combined with wet weather) can cause issues.

Simply put, theres too many factors involved to explain the exact combination of what would stop us from proceeding, so best thing we do is to show up and evaluate it on the day. We strictly follow all appropriate safety procedures to ensure nobody gets hurt and no property is at risk of damage. We currently have an unblemished track record on safety, and we definitely plan to keep it this way!

Again, if you have any input or questions, call or email me and I'm happy to go into this further as needed,

Give me a call now on 0414 413 643 and lets get that ball rolling on making you're house feel great!

All the best, Leigh.

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