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Wet weather questions-is it wasting money?

Is it a waste of time and money to get the windows done over winter or in bad weather? Read on for the professional advice. Again this is an area I've addressed several times with my awesome customers over the years-'But Leigh, doesn't the wet weather equal a waste of time and money...?'.

I did cover this earlier in May this year, but its come up with a few customers again and they seem to be surprised at the results when they follow our advice. Yep. I know right?? Who would be surprised that professional advice is actually accurate?? Ha!

So, just to reinforce the point, its not so much the rain itself that causes dirty windows (rain water is pure and clean) its when there's already dirty glass, the rain then smears this, or ‘pits’ the dirt, accentuating the dirty appearance of the glass. Or the rain washes off half of the dirt, leaving the other half and it becomes very noticeable in contrast.

The best solution is to keep the glass clean and free from build up. This way when pure rain water gets on it, it dries clean.

Its no different with the water we use to wash your windows. As soon as it get to a critical point of dirt content in the water itself, theres no point continuing to use it. Its easier and a much better final product, to just quickly refresh the bucket of water and continue.

Cool? Alright then!

So call me now and lets make the winter house feel fresh and bright!

Regards Leigh.

0414 413 643

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