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Spikes-Bird & Possum prevention

Have you got pesky birds or possums making a mess up high on your property? Then bird/animal 'spikes' are the answer! They cause no harm to animal or property, but keep these unwelcome visitors well away.

I often get asked- 'Hey Leigh, while you're up there...'

Whether we're doing a 250 apartment building or a single storey house, I'm commonly asked to take a look the gutters, or replace a light bulb, or install some bird and possum spikes.

We can do this and it surprising the amount of times, and places, we have added them.

These systems can prevent animal waste from clogging up areas (which looks unsightly and can smell quite bad) and can contribute to decaying of building areas, eventually being potentially very costly and the consuming.

Advantages of Bird/Possum Spike:

  • Long lasting, humane, nearly invisible bird control product

  • Works from light to heavy bird pressure

  • Extremely strong and versatile bird control product

  • Easily glued or screwed to any surface

  • Specially treated polycarbonate is highly resistant to U.V. rays

  • Stainless steel rods are durable and blunt-tipped to prevent injury (to animals & people)

  • Bird spike rods are spaced to avoid entrapping debris

  • Bird spike base is flexible allowing installation on curved surfaces too

  • Special "gutter point" bird spike for gutter protection

  • Humane bird control product

  • Will last for 5 years or more

For any questions you may have on any area, give me a call or send over a photo on 0414 413 643 or and Ill let you know what we can do to solve this problem for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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