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Window Cleaning & the shortest day of the year, great Melbourne weather poking through and good

Melbourne's weather is starting to get a few breaks and these cool, clear, crisp days are setting everyones pants on fire!

We're getting out there cleaning more windows than ever before and everyone is so relieved and happy that we make this home improvement for them with ease, affordability and punctuality. Couple that with stunning beautiful weather and the friendliest team around and you're set. We love this weather and just can't wait for warmth to set in and defrost us all so we can fire up the BBQ and enjoy good company outside yet again.

I think it'll happen sooner than we think, especially now that the official shortest day for the year 2016 is done and dusted (June 21)!

Call me now to book in, theres no regrets. We'll make the house feel great and theres nothing like it.

All the best and see you soon hopefully.

Regards Leigh.

PS Yep, I agree...the guy with the bunny is a little bit eccentric.

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