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Can you quote or book in my window cleaning by text or email? YES of course!

Hi friends!

With the fact that almost everyone now has a phone that takes great photos and can email or SMS them with incredible ease immediately, we've been asked time and time again 'Leigh, can I just SMS over some photos and you give us a price? Even a ball park idea? This way I don't have to make arrangements to be home to meet you etc...'.

Well people, the answer is a resounding 'YES, of course!'

This service makes it simple and efficient for everyone as no coordinated times are needed for quoting and your day isn't interrupted from having to hang around for a it. Plus with everything else at our fingertips (such as online shopping through eBay, instant messaging to our friends and families etc) why not a window cleaning quote instantly!?!

All our existing customers are also using this option a lot more, knowing they'll have it in writing on their phone for later that evening when they've forgotten what time they booked in for!

So, give it a try now. just take a couple of broad shots of your house-front and side, back and side (or more if you're a bit more expert)-and away we go!

We'll get right back to you and maybe even have you booked in and that job off your mind all in the one day.

Then off to relax with a good coffee for the rest of the afternoon instead of waiting around for the 'paint to dry'.

Try it now. We can't wait to see you have a go.

Al the best-Leigh

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