Q&A: Tell me why I would set up a routine window clean...??

First of all...why not?! 😀

Dont you deserve to have the freshest most beautiful feeling in your house? Well, we think you all do.

Thats why we're here to offer it and we want you to experience it all the time.

Here at LWC we pride ourselves on being in the business of old fashioned service and trust, in a new and modernised breed. Take a look at the photo down the bottom of this article to see what the International Window Cleaning Association said about us..incredible endorsement.

What is this service? Simply stated, we offer the highest quality window cleaning service in Melbourne. Im not saying we are the only ones that can do this. Nope. But the last time I checked, we were definitely being told we were the best our customers have experienced - by FAR. And our customers are the real evidence of this. I mean, its not rocket science, but, it IS an exact science. Dont believe me? Why not try us out. I challenge you...you clean one window and we'll clean the next and we can compare notes. The least that will happen is I'll get a lesson and learn how to provide you an even BETTER level of service! Im always happy to be schooled. 😊

How often and why Leigh? 3-4 cleans per year are about what it takes to keep it looking and feeling great. This way it looks really good all year around rather than just once or twice a year. You'll most definitely notice the difference each time we do this.

How valuable is it? I reckon we're better than any others around, maintaining security, trust, standards and service. We are absolutely striving on a daily basis to be better than our 'yesterday' and be the best we can. Truthfully, we're not really into comparing ourselves and competing with others, we just want to be the best we can be and create a whole new expectancy in this industry. We think we achieve this on a daily basis.

What does it do? Well, quite a lot actually. It maintains the quality of your investment for one, frees up time for more valuable things & activities and takes all risk away for you. Plus you'll have a home or property that has that 'like-new' feel about again and again. We're fast, efficient and reliable. We know what we're doing so you dont have to sit around all day waiting for the 'grass to grow'-we're in and out a lot faster than you think.