We love to help. So its time to give back...

Here at LWC, our core passion is helping people and making them happy and comfortable through a clean environment or house...

We're a proud bunch here at LWC and all of us in Melbourne and Australia work hard and have earned what we are privileged to have in this beautiful country we call home. So we think its a great idea to spread the love to others in less developed areas and those less fortunate than us.

That being stated, we have chosen to support a great organisation - Water.org - who's purpose is to provide clean water for underdeveloped countries.

When you use Leigh’s Window Cleaning services, every window helps to empower a person in the developing world with access to safe water—a life-changing impact that makes bright futures possible.

Simply put , clean windows for you and safe water for them. And through using our services, you are helping to empower families in the developing world with access to safe water—giving hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

We think we have chosen a beautiful organisation.

We wanted to deliver power to a great team and set of personalities that are using their recognition for the good of others. Hence, Founders Matt Damon (Word Class actor) who has teamed with Gary White. These guys are taking great care to deliver the best quality product to as many people as possible and we want to support this. We know our donations will be used efficiently and correctly.