GAHHHHH!!! Winter window cleaning??? Actually, its not the worst thing you could do...🌧

Leighs Window cleaning melbourne

Hello to our favourite people-our customers!

So, sometimes I hear this from our customers or potential newbies:

‘I’m not getting the windows done because its going to rain this week’ or 'I'll wait until Spring...' OR 'Are you SERIOUS?? (often followed by 'Ok fine, lets do it).

Alright then, fair call. We do live in Melbourne after all. We all know that at any time of the year Melbourne could show us all 4 seasons in one day, but why not enjoy freshening up the house in the (sometimes) colder more risky time of the year. It still looks great and feels really good too.

Pretty much all the time through Winter when we do a window clean, my customers will say 'Wow, that feels better, why didn't I get that done sooner?'. Yep, its often the case.

Actually, its not so much the rain itself that causes dirty windows (rain water is pure and clean) its when there's already dirty glass and the rain smears this or ‘pits’ the dirt, accentuating the dirty appearance of the glass.

Or sometimes the rain washes off half of the dirt, leaving the other half and it becomes more noticeable.</