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Come home to clean, done right the first time.

Leighs Window Cleaning Melbourne

Hi Guys & Gals.

I hope everyone is 'Weathering' (😂) the Melbourne seasonal conditions comfortably.

While it seems we have had some much needed rains, we are seeing the sun starting to poke his nose through from time to time, giving hope of Spring just around the corner.

If you're like me, you're well and truly sick of being cooped up on weekends sheltering from the wet. And you're keen as mustard to get out there and start sprucing up the house and outside environment in preparation for some Spring blooms and summer fun-BBQ's with friends, playing (or resting) in the pleasant sunshine, and just generally being able to stroll out there and enjoy you're house and garden.

With that in mind, its a good idea to plan and start now on things that tend to get a bit out of control through Winter. And don't forget, our goal is to get there no matter what, in order to meet your maintenance needs. We always keep the mountain in view, no matter how challening the valley may be to negotiate. And we always both win!

Take a look around the house and see what there is we can handle for you. And remember, if you combine two or more services in the one job (pressure cleaning, window cleaning or gutter cleaning) we will give you 10% discount if booked through September. Quote 'September Spring Clean' when you contact us for this offer.




Pressure Cleaning: Any surface can be cleaned from you're whole house, outdoor furniture or even just the driveway, a set of pavers or the front fence. Pressure cleaning is quite simple and effective if done correctly. Forget the little machine from bunnings-these are just meant for rinsing off a car-not for cleaning surfaces of dirt, moss and the likes, and often leave a lot of lines which just makes it all look worse. For a proper job you will need a much more capable machine.




Gutter clearing/Cleaning: Its always a good idea to give a thorough inspection and clean out of gutters. After all, they do catch a lot of debris from rooftops and if clogged, they can pose a risk to both the general 'Health' of your house plus the possibility of causing overflow and house damage. A far cry from their job of safely funnelling away downpours of rain.




Window Cleaning: Of course, what easier way to make the whole house feel like new! And what better way to let the sun shine through. This often seemingly easy or simple task can go from what you thought might take you an hour or two to taking away you're whole day from you. Yuk! Who wants to waste an entire day on cleaning windows when you have Melbournes amazing food and coffee to devour instead...?!

We alway recommend getting them done at least a couple of times a year so you can spot clean and maintain them between cleans. Or, if you're like most of our customers and want to enjoy clear views all year around, leave it up to us. Like I said, surely you have better things to do with your time...


While you're here, take a look at what we've been up to recently, Its actually pretty interesting and might just get your thoughts going on what we can do to affordably make your house or building feel and look fresh, clean and amazing.

From a house to a high-rise give us the time, we’ll make it shine. We are massively referred for a reason and if we leave a streak, well be back next week. We always offer the clean you expect with the service you deserve so you can totally relax. If you want it clean, call our team for a clean shine all the time.

Look at these pix of a great looking team who can capably take care of everything and anything for you.

Kind Regards,

Leigh Crouch

Owner & Director

P.S. See if you can figure out which team member always get the phone number in the window (my innocent mind always assumes its for a window cleaning quote of course!).

[Tip: Its the best looking team member of Leighs Window Cleaning...]

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