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Spring is upon us! FINALLY Melbourne!!

Yes, we've all been dragging oursleves through Winter with the hope of a new and brighter season on the horizon-SPRING. Well, it has arrived finally. It may not be in full bloom yet, but its only getting better as the days move on, and here at Leighs Window Cleaning we love that!

Traditionally, Spring cleaning comes from the days when homes were heated by fireplaces, and efforts were made to prevent heat from escaping. The coming of spring and warm weather was an opportunity to air the house and clean it of soot and all the grime accumulated over the winter months.

Now, many of us still enjoy the opportunity provided by spring to let in fresh air, clean our windows and wash the floor under the refrigerator – as well as other difficult-to-reach places. Another reason for cleaning taking place in spring is that warmer weather and longer days work as a stimulant for a lot of people to become more active.

The above 'traditional' reasons for spring cleaning are not as relevant to contemporary Australian life (unless you come from Ballarat, like I do). We do not need to wait for the snow to melt before beating a winter’s worth of dust from our rugs.

"I think the real reason that spring cleaning remains relevant is simple: it feels good! No, not the actual cleaning (unless you are one of the few people who actually enjoy hard and mucky work), it’s all about the afterglow. It’s about being able to see the spring sunshine through clean windows and lying in bed without counting the cobwebs.

And as you can see, our Winter has been a very strong one with perfect pressure washing, safe and efficient gutter cleaning and, of course, Melbourne most amazing Window Cleaning service!

You can see the looks on our faces that we love our jobs 100% and we are keeeeeeen as mustard to get out there a lot more now its time to get our environments clean and sparkling and get ready for the Sunshine to come streaming through!

Call us now and let us pressure wash your house, paths and anything else you can think of, let us clean out those clogged up gutters and let us make your glass simply sparkle and let the beautiful Spring sunshine stream on through in floods!

Talk to us now and get a quote on all your needs. And remember, I might even give you a 10% discount if you book two or more of our services on offer through September!

As always, looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.

Regards Leigh.

Owner & Boss-man tycoon


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