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GUTTER CLEANING! Lets clean out the gutters and make your house safe from downpours. PLUS get some p

Ok so, roofs have gutters and gutters get blocked. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way. Out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind-especially when theres a threatening downpour.

We've been out there busy as bees getting these gutters cleaned out so you can relax in the thought that your investment is in good hands and safely being serviced.

Keep abreast of this stress and let us get them cleaned and free flowing so they do their job. We can maintain your gutters by getting everything out to help prevent blockages, flooding, stress and marital arguments (we know Hubby said he'd do it but hasn't...so just let us get it done now).

Gutter cleaning is no longer a simple DIY job. Industry regulations and safe working requirements (usually written after hubby fell off the ladder!) mean you’re best off bringing in the professionals.

The team at Leighs Window Cleaning brings our 20 years industry experience, expertise and standards to you while adhering to the highest safety measures with correct equipment to get your gutters squeaky clean. Safely and on time.

We use simple effective methods to get the job done correctly with no fuss. We can reach and unblock gutters and drains that are several storeys high-houses, apartment blocks, Body/Owners corporation jobs, factories, warehouses etc-you name it, we've done it! And don’t worry, we’ll tidy up behind ourselves making sure you have no cleaning up to do once we’re finished.

We can do this safely and efficiently so you don't have to risk yourself to make your house leak-proof and flood-proof and neat & clean for the warmer season. Call us now and get us over. And the best thing is, 90% of the time you don't even have to be there! Call now, we're waiting...!

Regards - Leigh & the team.

P.S. Don't forget we kick butt with our awesome pressure cleaning service. Our little friend, 'The Kraken', makes the perfect companion for the perfect clean with NO lines, strange marks or anything left afterwards. Just a perfectly good clean that makes an incredibly noticeable difference.

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