Exterior Cleaning - What is 'Soft Washing'?

SOFT WASHING simply means exterior cleaning with a mix of specialist product with low pressure water. A safe approach for all areas to clean (and sanitise) any outside surface - at low pressure of course! AND we're always careful of your plant-life and gardens.

PRESSURE WASHING is purely the means of applying clean water under variable high-pressure (generally a lot higher than that of soft washing). It effectively 'hammers away' or 'digs' out any dirt from a surface using fresh tap water only through our machines.

How is it different to Pressure Washing?

We take a scientific approach to cleaning through the use of high quality, eco friendly products blended to specific ratios and applied to the surface to get a deep, lasting clean. Fantastic for algae, lichen, moss and dirt build up on pavers, house exterior walls, driveways, retaining walls, paths or any outside surfaces bringing back the natural lustre and brightness that it once was. Many applications and uses. You will NOT believe your eyes! And fresh looking surfaces with lasting, deeper results are just some of the many benefits.

We do this with our purpose built, industrial grade machinery - we can lower the pressure right down to the level of a garden hose or less, ensuring no damage to any surface. Softwashing actually demands a low pressure in order to correctly distributre our magic mix to the desired surfaces.

With the correct equipment, full control is maintained at all times resulting in a completely safe and highly effective application and stress-free clean of your surfaces.

All of our products are biodegradable and safe when handled the right way. They are also found in everyday household cleaning products.