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Our current activities and intentions for the future.

While Stage 4 has taken a hold of Melbourne and put us all on pause, we'd like you to know we are closely monitoring all amendments and working diligently toward what we can and cannot do. This is just a brief pause in our operations, but nonetheless, one we must take with the correct viewpoint and act accordingly.

PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you need. If you have a situation at your property where there is some element of risk to safety or health and wellbeing, we are still able to service with Gutter Cleaning (e.g. overflowing or blocked gutters causing potential property damage) & Pressure Cleaning to remedy this (e.g. slippery pathway/driveway cleaning in order to prevent a fall). Naturally, we are following all Government Covid safe-plan laws in our operations.

But rest assured, we are still training and working at home on our personal development, customer service skills and Covid-related studies so when we can come back to your property we will be the best that we possibly can!

We are REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing you all again and helping you to fully clean your property from Roof to Ground-Pressure Cleaning (including full building sanitation, in and out), Window Cleaning-as always our most popular service and Gutter Cleaning (this keeps your husband safe).

We think our services and abilities have never been more relevant and our skill of maintaining up-to-date safety protocol is second to none so get excited people because the Leigh and the team you trust and love (that love you right back) are gonna be ready!

Bring on Freedom and Cleanliness for good!

Warmest Regards-Leigh & The team

0414 413 643

PS here's some beaut pictures to remind you of what we all love and look forward to in the future (as always, photos by Leigh-GO ON, Click on them to see thee full photo!).

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