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SCHOOLS-we love helping make our kids' environment clean, safe and beautiful!

Hi again Guys & Girls!

Just thought I'd keep you up to date with what sort of ventures we've been up to lately as I often get a look of surprise from some of you when I tell you what we have been doing. Whether it be a high rise or a commercial industrial estate or...a SCHOOL!

Yep, with holidays just over we have been busy at one of our favourite locations getting it looking awesome again for all the little people that will soon become the big people of our society.

Its something we are particularly fond of as we have great memories ourselves of our school life, so we love to make it a clean happy environment for these people (and the wonderful dedicated teachers that work there too!).

Naturally, we are compliant on Working with Children checks and Police checks, we have current insurance documentation for you to view as necessary and are qualified in all aspects of job safety and efficiency. How good is that?? And what more do you want (if there is anything else, we probably hav it anyway!)???

Take a look at a recent reference letter below we were kindly given after completion of a recent large scale project at a school-bearing in mind it was several years of action from kids we were cleaning off, so it was no small feat. But wow, the difference was astounding.

So don't forget that we really can tackle any job you send our way and we look forward to seeing the challenges anyone wishes to throw down!

All the best-Leigh & the team.


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