Some things are better left UNSEEN...but clean exteriors of your house shouldn't be one of them!

Let's face it, we all have moments of pure genius - including trying on the speedo budgie smugglers at our favourite beach. But sometimes we then realise a bit later down the track that it didn't quite seem to play out in the real world like it did in our heads. This often happens to Lee 😂.

Like this gentleman applying his sunscreen with a paint roller (God bless him!). Seems like a great idea. I would probably even do it myself. I know Diego HAS done it. But that doesn't always make it right!

So that brings me to my next point, why bother wasting a whole day on trying to clean your windows (AND leave smears and drips everywhere) when we can come in and blitz it for you perfectly in an hour or two?

Or why try to tackle that pressure clean of the green mossy walls and pavers with the good old Bunnings K'Archer (WRONG MACHINE FOR THE JOB), to see you've in fact only produced a lovely Picasso line artwork (with the added bonus of causing grounds for divorce).



Let us take care of it for you with no mess, no fuss and nothing but PURE HAPPINESS and perfect results!