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The only ones dissatisfied with Leighs Window & Pressure Cleaning are those that haven't tried us...

Hi Friends,

Well, how many times have I heard this after myself and the team have paid you a visit??

'Wow! I never knew this could be such a good feeling!"

I can tell you, its HEAPS! Just the other day a new customer was SO ridiculously happy that she referred us no less than 6 people in the surrounding houses that very day - JUST WOW!

In her own words: 'I NEVER knew a house pressure washdown and window clean could be done so professionally-you were so considerate with our property and gardens, AND the final product is beyond expectations!'

(*Pardon the overly elated photo...)

We love what we do every single day - bringing relief, happiness and a feeling of general well-being to our customers through correctly done Pressure Cleaning and Window Cleaning that causes NO STRESS or problems.

We know how to do what we do, but we always strive for better. We ALWAYS want you happy and fully satisfied and we always make sure we get that done.

We use a combo of both pressure cleaning and Softwash cleaning to elevate your property exterior to the next level of CLEAN & FRESH, with NO worries, faults, mishaps or concerns. PERIOD.

And I GUARANTEE you will LOVE what we do!

Lets get on with life and get your property looking great!

Regards - Leigh

Owner and all round awesome team leader (😁😝).

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