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We are the best in Window Cleaners, but only GOD knows how many light bulbs we've changed...

Hi to all my friends and customers.

Leigh here from Leighs Window, Pressure & Gutter Cleaning (please keep reading, I have an offer for you!).

Well, what a time we have had adjusting our lifestyles toward a cleaner future. I don't want to keep banging on about Covid-19, but I think it bears some degree of acknowledgement.

We know that you are all impeccable with your cleanliness and we love being able to be part of helping you with it.

And we know you now have the consideration of social distancing and generally keeping your environment covid-free.

Well, we do too. We have learnt a lot through this and sharpened our skills to accomodate your safety and cleanliness in any environment on any property anywhere. And its now more important than ever to keep a regular cleaning schedule built into our life.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that a window cleaner can be clean, friendly, polite & well-mannered, well dressed, professional, punctual and the list goes on. But the team here all pride ourselves on our presentation and our ability. We understand its not only about doing a good job on your Windows, Gutters and Pressure Cleaning, its also about trust and competence, dignity and efficiency. And often these are far higher in rank of importance.

Each team member here is personally trained and quality checked by Leigh regularly. We work together as a team to improve not only our own standards, but the standards of the industry as a whole. We are fully insured, licensed and very experienced to take your property to perfection. And we are up-to-date with all the latest advice concerning maintaining Australias great standards to contain the Covid virus.

We earn your trust by simply being trustworthy, and we make you happy by actually cleaning your windows properly and completely! And often we'll take care of that hard-to-reach light bulb that's been blown for weeks without even batting an eyelid. Just ask us and you'll be pleasantly surprised what we are willing to do to help make you happy.

We also know that the learning process and decision process is very important for you so we are here to help you with any and all questions you might have (might I add, without making you feel silly!). We can thoroughly educate you on any aspect of our industry and the job at hand.

Lets get our lifestyle back to normal and keep it all safe and healthy in the process.

So with all that being said, we’re offering you a kick-off discount to ‘sweeten the deal’ and help you to allow us to get your property fully cleaned and back to feeling fresh, safe and proud-worthy!

Book any 2 of our services together (Window cleaning, Pressure Cleaning or Gutter Cleaning. Or all 3!) and you’ll get 10% off the total. And as always, if you recommend us to a friend or family member, you’ll get a further 10% off too! This offer is available to you all if you book in for the month of June or July.

Lets get this all in order for you now. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again and cleaning up!

Regards Leigh & the team.

Leighs Window, Gutter & Pressure Cleaning.

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