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'Leigh is always accessible to you and will always handle anything for you. And his team of work

Hi Loyal customers, friends and family of LWC. We hope you are all having a great 2018 so far.

I know we all are definitely looking forward to a huge chunk of nice weather ASAP!

I just wanted to reinforce a very successful article I wrote earlier in the year and make sure everyone was fully clear on our purpose. Read on below to get the full picture but in short, as the title suggests, we are a company of a different breed...

Leigh - Leighs Window Cleaning

What follows in the below article may be hard hitting, it might be unreasonable and it just might be straight to the incorruptible truth.

'This type of confession only comes after years of experience and confidence that I KNOW what I say to be true. And that I KNOW I have the best possible service available, from the best and most professional team there is.'

This type of speak can only be borne from experience and hard-won know how. This team has all put in the hard work to come to this level and to bring back honest professional service that truly cares, and we want you to experience what its like to receive such service, once again.

On a daily basis, we have the privilege of meeting a lot of new customers and getting to know you all really is a fun job and interesting to all of us. We really appreciate you all and want you to know that. We love to learn and find that some of our customers are our best source for lessons learnt.

My mission has always been to provide a high quality, superior service that makes your house feel great and puts you at ease, knowing my team is taking good care of your home or workplace. But we also love to go further than that and build a solid & trustworthy relationship. We know that you are letting us into your home-a very sacred and valuable space. So we want you to be completely happy and comfortable not only with our standards of workmanship, but our personality also.

I also want you to know that I will provide sound advice on anything I can. Any questions anyone has ever asked me, no matter whether I get their job or not, I will answer honestly and fully to the best of my experience and resources. It really is part of my mission. I want to help, and I love to help. At my core, I am a family man. And I love and respect the family culture. With this comes a responsibility of teaching correctly the correct information or, when in doubt, clarifying this information and getting it into the hands of the person asking.

To that end is what I instill in all of my workers.

I have worked hard to form a good team of great guys that you just take a liking to when you meet, and each one of us makes that a part of our goal. Its not just window cleaning...its a trust. A privilege that gets earned.

My goal is not to create a bunch of workers that just grunt their way through a job, but to build a loyal, professional and responsible team of LEADERS in our field. Every one of us will take a job fully through to beyond satisfactory completion and we won't let up until we know its done how you want it done, and then a bit more!

Any time there is a problem, we will take full ownership of it and resolve it.

Any time you need that little bit extra done, we run with it and love it.

And every time you need reassurance that everything is ok with the job, we're there to provide it.

Leighs Window Cleaning has expanded enormously over the last 19 years and successfully completed tasks of EVERY size out there. No matter the size or the complexity, we can handle it. We regularly service high rises comprising literally hundreds of apartments, we service whole estates of commercial properties, we service schools while the kids are on holidays and, as always, we service your home. At this we are experts. We are not a small one man show start-up. We have full credentials and can back that up with any reference you desire. This is a strict but lighthearted fact. We don't have to pretend we are something we're not. We just know what we are doing and how to do it.

I am always accessible to you and will always handle anything for you. And my team of workers will fully back me up on everything.

You know who to call and who to refer when a job needs doing with no attached problems or fuss. And you know full well who will put you at ease and help always.

We are proud of our organisation at Leighs Window Cleaning, and know that you are too. Finally you've found a Window Cleaning company that cares. And one that genuinlely loves what they do on a daily basis.

Lets have another great year and we wish you all the absolute best of your dreams!

Kind regards,

Leigh & the team.

Leighs Window Cleaning

0414 413 643

PS take a look at these forecasts for the next few months. Don't go all 'feeble' on your house and skimp on keeping it clean, keeping it fresh and keeping it comfortable over the non-summer months. Get your windows cleaned by us and make your house feel great in these sometimes less-than-sunny month.

Leigh window Cleaning Beuareu of Met. Median Rainfall prediction 2018

Leigh window Cleaning Beuareu of Met. Temp prediction 2018


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