'Leigh is always accessible to you and will always handle anything for you. And his team of work

Hi Loyal customers, friends and family of LWC. We hope you are all having a great 2018 so far.

I know we all are definitely looking forward to a huge chunk of nice weather ASAP!

I just wanted to reinforce a very successful article I wrote earlier in the year and make sure everyone was fully clear on our purpose. Read on below to get the full picture but in short, as the title suggests, we are a company of a different breed...

Leigh - Leighs Window Cleaning

What follows in the below article may be hard hitting, it might be unreasonable and it just might be straight to the incorruptible truth.

'This type of confession only comes after years of experience and confidence that I KNOW what I say to be true. And that I KNOW I have the best possible service available, from the best and most professional team there is.'

This type of speak can only be borne from experience and hard-won know how. This team has all put in the hard work to come to this level and to bring back honest professional service that truly cares, and we want you to experience what its like to receive such service, once again.

On a daily basis, we have the privilege of meeting a lot of new customers and getting to know you all really is a fun job and interesting to all of us. We really appreciate you all and want you to know that. We love to learn and find that some of our customers are our best source for lessons learnt.

My mission has always been to provide a high quality, superior service that makes your house feel great and puts you at ease, knowing my team is taking good care of your home or workplace. But we also love to go further than that and build a solid & trustworthy relationship. We know that you are letting us into your home-a very sacred and valuable space. So we want you to be complet