• Leigh

Welcoming 2017 after a fantastic 2016!

Hi Loyal customers, friends and family of LWC. We hope you are all having a great 2017 and you're all back into the rhythm of a highly productive and successful new year.

We had a fantastic 2016 and had the privilege of meeting a lot of new customers and getting to know you all really is a fun job and interesting to all of us. We really appreciate you all and want you to know that.

Our mission has always been to provide a high quality, superior service that makes your house feel great and puts you at ease, knowing we are taking good care of your home or workplace. But we also love to go further than that and build a solid & trustworthy relationship. We know that you are letting us into your home-a very sacred and valuable space. So we want you to be completely happy and comfortable not only with our standards of workmanship, but our personality also.

Leigh has worked hard to form a good team of great guys that you just take a liking to when you meet them and each one of us makes that a part of our goal. Its not just window cleaning...its a trust. A privilege that gets earned.

Leighs goal is not to create a bunch of workers that just grunt their way through a job, but to build a loyal, professional and responsible TEAM of leaders in our field. Every one of us will take a job fully through to completely happy completion and we won't let up until we know its done how you want it done, and then a bit more!

Any time there is a problem, we will take full ownership of it and resolve it.

Any time you need that little bit extra done, we run with it and love it.

And every time you need reassurance that everything is ok with the job, we're there to provide it.

We have expanded enormously over the last 18 years and successfully completed tasks of ANY size out there. No matter the size or the complexity, we can handle it. We regularly service high rises comprising of literally hundreds of apartments, we service whole estates of commercial properties, we service schools while the kids are on holidays and, as always, we service your home. At this we are experts. We are not a small one man show start-up. We have full credentials and can back that up with any reference you desire.