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Well, well, well...hello 2020 from Leighs Window Cleaning.

Well, hello to all the friends of LWC! We welcomed 2020 with a big smile and sent off 2019 with a bang! Christmas was extreme (to say the least😂🤪) but we LOVED seeing you all and making your properties shine with happiness for the festivities and family gatherings. But now is the time we look forward to a productive and prosperous future. Most of us are back at work and setting goals for the year to bring success and a bright future.

2019 was an amazing year and I took a well earned trip with my mother and sister back to her homeland of The Netherlands. We had a short stopover in Singapore (to take a quiet drink at Raffles of course and visit the Shangri-La) then began in Norway going as far North as the Lofoten Islands, then down to Denmark and finishing with a few weeks around The Netherlands countryside and Amsterdam. This was an amazing trip (to make an understatement) and I took the advice of all of you wonderful customers on where to go and what to see. Truly phenomenal and such a buzz.

My favourite part by far was visiting Hilversum (Netherlands) and seeing where my mum was born, where she went to school when she was 7 years old and the paths she would walk when exploring the world as a youngster. We walked the track she would take home every day, and stopped at the pond she would play at. And it DEFINITELY wasn't a 10km walk like she use to hold against us whenever we asked her to pick us up from school. I can still hear her..."Back in my day, I walked 10 km each and EVERY day just to go to school!". It was actually more like 1Km...thanks Mum.

One reason I'm highlighting this to you all is I really want you to know that this would not be possible without all of you fantastic customers staying loyal to us, supporting us and giving tips for where to go and how to travel. I only wish I'd taken this on board and acted much sooner so I could contribute to the imparting of travelled culture more frequently! Life has such an expanded viewpoint when one has travelled. And this has definitely already given me a new lease on how to keep developing the team at LWC. Your valued custom and friendships have contributed to me being able to have this experience, so THANKYOU to each and every one of you.

The full team here at LWC. Ready to take on any job, big or small, and create happiness everywhere we go!

Anyway, back to 'business'...we have expanded quite a bit this year, but We'll get to that soon. For now you can all say hello to the newest A-Team member-DIEGO! He is probably the friendliest, most helpful person I've ever met, and he just loves to make your day. He is a happily married gentleman from Venezuela and has a LOT of customer service experience, so welcome him when ever you see him and he will make everything awesome! He's already getting lots of rave reviews and customers claiming him as their sole service man from LWC. Nice one Diego!

Then there's the PROUD DAD moment of 2019 when my boy Jett stepped up to the plate to get on board and roll with the big boys! He LOVED every minute of the work and the entire team welcomed him with open arms and nothing but praise. He took the initiative to pull out the window cleaning gear EVERY SINGLE night for a month (not even joking) and hone his technique so he can be perfect for you all. Love you my son...keep it going strong.

As you can see, we love living and we really do love being able to make your house windows sparkle, the pavements clean and fresh and your gutters free flowing so you can have a fresh, relaxed feeling when you arrive home for the day to enjoy your home.

Heres to an exciting and fruitful 2020 together and lets keep it going strong forever!

All the best,

Leigh (and mum😁).

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