Updated: May 10, 2020

Leigh on top of Passage Peak mountain. Whitsunday Islands. STUNNING!



  • 'A principle or belief that the Leighs Window Cleaning team views as being of central importance. We have developed these through experience and agree they are central to our success to service the customer well. These guiding ideas can influence our actions and help us to decide what is the absolute best possible outcome for all concerned.'

Ok well, sounds potentially a bit 'up-in-the-clouds' for a Window Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning company I guess, but not if you're one of our tribe. If you are with us, you'll know very well what out intentions and actions add up to. You'll know we are well beyond the norm on our outlook. And you'll also know that our level of service and vision into the future is quite like no other. We truly are a group of highly privileged people that are lucky to have met the most wonderful customers and seen the most beautiful views and houses over the years (check out the sunset in the last photo of this blog!). We love to bring pure joy to you all through our services. My goal is not to create a bunch of workers that just grunt their way through a job, but to build a loyal, professional and responsible team of LEADERS in our field.

'We don't just service anyone. We are simply just not a fit for all. I'd love to say that we are, but that just isn't true. Instead, we have carved a well defined nichè out of the general market and we do everything we can to satisfy, retain and refer within that niche to the end goal of greatness for all.'

Ok yep. I said it. Its up there but so what. So are YOU-the CUSTOMER! You are the very reason we do what we do. For without you, there is no triumph, no satisfaction, and no trophy of accomplishment. You are the real hero. And we are here to support you in your success. Whether that be to maintain an amazing investment, or to relax and unwind in the best possible environment there is, or whether you just want to impress upon that special person or family member. Whatever the reason, we know exactly how you like it and exactly what we need to do to help you achieve this.