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Window PAIN!

Ok so here we are people, Really enjoying stunning Autumn weather, heading rapidly toward the Winter and suddenly everyone associates window cleaning with a zombified devil incarnate, ready to totally ruin your whole existence if you even gave ONE THOUGHT to cleaning your windows, much less pressure washing the outside of your house.


Leighs window Cleaning Angry Woman

Well, we at Leighs Window & Pressure Cleaning are here as your guardian angels to stick it to them like Granny May (how politically incorrect can I get?? See below) and to protect you when you are ready to keep up appearances on your house and ward off the Dirt-Devils with a vengeance!

'With Summer being almost a faint thing of the past, we have been INSANELY busy reconnecting personally with all our beloved customers and getting their neglected properties back into shape. And it's BEEN WONDERFUL!!' - LWC team

We have some new team members coming through the ranks (to be introduced in the near future) and have also expanded our Scope of services to softwash exterior cleaning amongst other things. This has a whole article on its own, but simply put, its the expert use and control of environmentally friendly cleaning agents to assist with exterior pressure cleaning methods to achieve a superior result. Black marks on the outside walls? No problem. Dark Lichen makes on footpaths and garden bed walls? Easy-peasy! Slippery mossy (and fugly) footpaths...? FULL HOUSE WASHDOWNS??? DONE (our absolute #1 in popularity service)!

So, call Leigh and ask him what he can do for you to brighten and freshen your property, you never know just how much you might LOVE what he and his team will do!

All the best


Founder, extraordinaire humorist and PR expert (Maybe, maybe not...).

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