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Yay! Spring is here!!

We might not be able to get out that much and we would all love a holiday, so let’s work together to create your Holiday Oasis at home🏝🍹!

We can Spring Clean your house by doing the following (and all you need to provide are the palm trees😁🌴):

In and out, any job of any size. We've been mastering this skill for well over 20 years now and we can truly make your house and outside views SPARKLE & SHINE! Talk about an easy and cost effective makeover (and I PROMISE, Lee does actually do some work. Most of the time...🤭😄).

See what one of our recent customers has to say:

"Following a move to a new ground floor apartment we had a lot of windows to clean. I selected Leighs as they had cleaned our previous home prior to sale.
"The cleaner arrived on time and cleaned all windows and glass inside and out. The result was amazing. I will continue to use Leighs service and I highly recommend them." G.V.

Easily one of the most SATISFYING and noticeable transformations you can do for your home or building. I've literally had people stand and watch me with smiles from ear to ear as though I'm one of those YouTube video's showing satisfying things...Ha ha, we love it!

• Pressure Washing of your house from Gutters to Ground - why not have a fresh feeling, healthy home🌱?? You’ll be amazed how good your house will look with this service.

• Pressure Wash your driveway and all ground surfaces to remove dirt, grime and lichen - this makes them safer and non slippery and just increases curb appeal!

• Pressure Wash fences and retaining walls - who ever thought of that 🤔?

• Pressure Wash around the pool and path ways - a must to create that holiday feel🍹!

• Pressure Wash under eaves of your houses roof line - another great home health improvement.

• Pressure Wash outdoor entertaining areas and furniture - why not, you’re most likely getting ready to use it again and we are seeing a few nice days of weather lately🌞.

So there is still a lot that we can do for you 😊 to help you with your Holiday Oasis Project.

Just contact us now and someone from our office will give you call and we can book it all in for you👍🏻.

Note: here we have Helen relaxing in her new office oasis, Leigh up above Melbourne (always willing) and Nicole on her exercise ration, answering your calls as we go...

Hope you are keeping well and safe, and why not enjoy what we have and make the most of it all??!


Leigh & the team.

Leigh’s Window & Pressure Cleaning💧.

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