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Your excuses might be legit, but they won’t improve your life.

Hi Everyone.

Thought I'd send you all a quick note to say hi, welcome to 2019 (I know we're well into it) and lets have an unbelievably fantastic year this year!!!

Im all for it and I bet you are too, so lets do this!

Over the coming months I'll be sending you all out the occasional email about things I'm learning, viewpoints and morals we hold, and our general work ethic. Of course, along with the odd photo of a job we've just done, or Lee (the other one, not me) being a monkey, or a horse, or anything else that Joe or Brian does NOT find impressive...none-the-less, he keeps us all young at heart! As well as he is a rock solid worker.

For starters I want to let you know about our services and the launch of the new additions to the website-a page dedicated to each service we offer.

See below for the list of services we currently are fully qualified & licensed for. Why would you risk engaging anyone else that doesn't have the full credentials and skills like us to refresh and maintain your beautiful abode? I know I wouldn't, and why should you. Along with this you also get our clean & fast service, rapid response times, and, like us, we know you also appreciate the same level of person in your environment/personal space as yourself. Along with being trained, skilled and licensed, we are relatable, realistic, friendly and completely trustworthy. Its a hard won ticket, but we are proud to say we have massively levelled up and attained this.

AND we bring our 20 years of experience to each service, so you KNOW you're getting the BEST possible service around-something you've grown to trust about us all at LWC!:

Abseil Access of ANYTHING-any size, shape of whatever of any building. Thats right, we can, and have done, pretty much everything. Our abseiling technicians are cutting edge, fully certified, qualified and endors-ified for it all. They are perfectionists and together as a team, we can handle A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Challenge us, I dare...😁😬.

Body Corporate maintenance (also known as Owners corporation)-Gutters, Window Cleans, Pressure cleans etc. All building managers and BC/OC committee chairman are absolutely impressed with our responsibility, can-do attitude and the fact that we just simply take care of it how they would like us to. No fuss. No bother and definitely no mistakes. We just get the job done without fail and without problem, incident or dissatisfaction. In fact, we take a lot of pride to maintain some key buildings around Melbourne and treat them as we would expect in return. Hassle free and DONE!

Gutter cleaning of all types of properties-houses, apartment blocks, factories, schools, shopping centres-ANYTHING! This has been a massive hit with our customers-half of them didn't know we offered this. So here it is, Im letting you all know now!

Solar Panel wash downs and checkovers. Again, not overly communicated in the past, but yes, we most definitely have been doing lots of this recently. People are realising that their Solar needs cleaning in order for it to be efficient and actually serve its purpose-help lower electricity costs and contribute to environmental conservation on some level. Well, we can do that for sure. PLUS while we're up there we will always take a good look around and make sure nothing is loose or looking defective. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars of call-out fees for the solar panel man to assess.

We're alway happy to take some photos to help you understand any problem.

Pressure cleaning. This is by far one of our biggest winners and most demanded services next to our highly professional window cleaning service. We've struck a great niche with deck strip and resealing recently. With our tools we can strip away the old oil, dirt and general weathering that causes greying off, then re-oil with a decking oil to repel water and weathering. You can choose the color of tint you'd like or we can just go with a non-tinted natural oil to protect. Take a look at some recent decks we've done. The results are startling and highly effective. We love it and the customers love it too.

Window Cleaning-Well, this is the service that has built our entire business that we have always delivered on to the best possible standards out there. Leigh himself is ALWAYS researching current cutting edge technologies, methods and tools (bleeding edge actually!) and trying them out for effectiveness and quality.

We're all about the leading standards, effective time management (so we minimise your time spent watching the windows being cleaned-Im sure you'd rather be at the cafe or the beach house!), and total satisfaction. We did a large body corporate site in November that topped out at 140 man hours, and we completed the job IN ONE DAY!! Woohoooo!!! What a massive day, but was great and we all felt amazing after it. To say the customer was blown away is an understatement-the previous company took 2 weeks full time to get it done! what would you rather us do-one big day with the full 11 man team? Or 2 full weeks of interruptions with a smaller less experienced team? I'll let you decide...

Call or text us and book for a quote now. You just might be surprised how we can improve your home and thus your life. We can give you the comfort and trust we would want in our own homes. I dont know about you, but I can't relax in an unclean, unmaintained unaesthetic environment. I strive to preserve its original level of quality on a daily basis so I am able to fully enjoy my home and then I can be refreshed and of more use to my career, my friends and my family.Don't you too?

You might be asking yourself now 'Why the title Leigh...?'. Well, this reflects our attitude toward getting the job done. And maybe why putting it off any longer does nothing...We offer no excuses to looking after you with the highest possible standards continually.

There may be endless excuses or reasons, but they won't give you what you want or get you where you want to be. So why not just get in touch and book in with us right now.

Go on...I'm here and waiting...

Talk soon.

Regards Leigh & The A-Team at LWC.


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