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Let's get your home exterior pristine clean. 
No mess. No fuss. Just HAPPINESS!

Man Cleaning Windows

Nothing makes a house feel more incomplete (and embarrassing!)  than dirty, grimy glass.

And nothing gives it a more effective, affordable uplift like fresh, clean glass to bring the outside world in and flood your house with beautiful sunlight!

Let us make you feel relaxed and comfortable with our premium window cleaning service.

All windows in and out, single storey, double storey - the lot! We can even tackle any building of any size with our specialist access crew if needed.

Just another day in the life of our team.


From Driveways to footpaths, pool pavers and outdoor entertaining areas, to entire house and building wash downs - we can do it all! 

Safe, effective and fully insured.

Take us up on our deluxe full-treatment service of your beautiful home. We will tailor anything you need to make it refreshed and alive again. Full house

wash-down, windows and anything else you can think to ask.

We have been transforming Melbournes homes, commercial buildings and body corporate sites for over 21 years - making them fresh, clean and inviting once again.

We are fully trained, qualified, licensed, insured and experienced to get your property safely revamped from dirty, grimy and unsightly to sparkling, clean  and attractive (just how you like it).

No job too big or too small. We do them all.
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3 simple steps
to that perfect, fresh feeling.

1. Get a Quote 

(rapid, easy and convenient).

Simply SMS or email a few photos of your house  and we'll get back to you almost immediately (broad shots-each side of the house is fine, we'll let you know if we need more).

We understand how busy life can get and this is an easy solution for most. 

Otherwise, we can come out

to meet and quote.

Whatever works for you,

works for us!

2. Servicing you

(only the best in the world).

Our perfectly personalised service of your window cleaning, pressure cleaning or gutter cleaning is a huge winner with all our customers. You're guaranteed to see the value and difference.

Peace of mind, trust and perfection are but a few of the qualities we have mastered with our 20 years experience.

3. Happy Forever!

(you were made for this!).

Our customers are so happy with us, they get us back time

and time again.

In fact, a lot are so happy, they won't leave us alone (like, FOREVER!). Which also makes us really happy!

Plus they are constantly recommending us to their friends and family.

A very healthy sign we are a long standing reliable business.

See what our customers are saying.
Don't listen to me, listen to our customers!
Image by Katya Austin

"I don’t know where Leigh gets his workers from, or how he manages to train them so well, but they are all AMAZING, professional and helpful.
Very refreshing and a pleasure to deal with the whole way!!" - Mrs. Elwood



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leigh's Window & Pressure Cleaning

We're here to help. We have over 21 years experience and can manage almost anything for you to clean up your property exterior. So give us a call, text or email now. We're waiting to make you feel great!