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Q&A: Do I get my windows and exterior cleaning done in winter or bad (Melbourne) weather?

Should I get my windows cleaned in winter

or bad weather (hey...we live in Melbourne!)?

Yes, absolutely. But the real question is...why wouldn't you?? We're all about making people feel comfortable and fresh, and not about wasting peoples time or money. We know it helps make you feel better and less gloomy, but its also important to maintain your glass whilst it is being punished by weather.

It's also surprising how effective good quality pressure cleaning can be to weather proof your house (keeping muck build up away and making footpaths and driveway less slippery and much safer).

After all, who doesn't want a safer experience outside and who wouldn't want a more attractive property to live or work in??

The goal is not only a clear view of the outside, but also the maintenance of your investment and keeping away any glass or exterior surface decaying. Once 'decay' or hard water staining sets in on glass, it can  often become permanent or costly to revive. Mineral deposit markings, permanent etching of the glass and the like are unsightly and can be avoided with routine cleaning.

Once lichen/moss and dirt take a half your houses exterior, it can begin to do its job of breaking down whatever it is growing on - your painted weatherboards, your rendered exterior walls and your pebble mix or concrete driveways and paths (only to name a few)!

The whole idea is to keep you're home beautiful, maintain value and most importantly, make you feel great while enjoying its beauty.

The other truth is that Melbourne weather, no matter the season or time of the year, can be threatening and raining, so don't just save up the window and pressure cleaning for Christmas. Keep a routine and reward yourself all year around with a clean & healthy home.

Take a look at some of the photos below we have taken and see the differences between cleaned and unlcleaned glass, hard water stains, what CLEAN glass looks like when rained on plus how water beads off clean surfaces.

The first 2 show the difference between clean and dirty glass-its a pane of glass Leigh cleaned half of. Imagine what it looks like when it rains-it looks like MUD! 

So, let us help you keep that warm fresh feeling going right through all weather conditions in Melbourne. Theres no real reason why not. It makes us all much happier in the end!
And getting on top of the slimy slippery and dirty pavers and driveways and exterior walls is a great idea this time of year.

Oh, and one last thing, check out what the worlds largest Window Cleaning Organisation thinks of us at being all-round awesome at how we help 😁☺️😉.


Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Regards - Leigh

Boss-man window cleaning expert extraordinaire...!

0414 413 643


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