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What is Water Fed Pole? Why does the glass stay wet after? (It doesn't actually stay wet...).

Ok to start with, heres a little bit of interesting data that makes it all make sense.

Water is the most abundant substance on Earth yet it is rarely found in its purest state. This is because water has the capacity to dissolve many minerals and nutrients, that are essential for life. However, different industries require pure water that is demineralized and free of all contaminants to carry out many different processes. A Water Fed Pole (WFP) is a long extendable pole with a specially designed brush head that utilises this treated water to clean glass and leave ZERO spots or residue. Much different to spraying the glass with your garden hose. Much, MUCH different...This water is even more pure than drinking water!

Water Fed Pole window cleaning
Joe at Leighs window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole window cleaning Leighs Window Cleaning
Leigh solar Panel Cleaning with the WFP

What is Pure Water?

Water that has been through a process whereby all substances including minerals, nutrients, bacteria, and contaminants have been eliminated is referred to as pure water. In its purest form, pure water is not recommended for consumption, as it is meant for use in an array of different institutional applications including pharmaceuticals, food and drink manufacturing, and auto cooling systems, just to name a few. We use a special resin (fine beads about the size of sand) to act like a magnet to all impurities-the beads are electrically charged like a magnet (they actually use this stuff for a lot of things, including nuclear waste clean up!).

In this way, the water is instantly produced pure. We have a little meter which constantly tells us the volume of contaminants in the water at the brush.

This De-Ionized water is often used as battery water and coolant for motors or in our case, to clean and rinse windows-and in this way it can be left to air dry, leaving NO spots if the technique is also correct.

Our Instant Purification Processes

Our setup is awesome, it has a pre-filter and then the water is pushed through the resin beads to Purif then it comes through clean hoses that maintain its purity and reach the glass through the brush. Once the brush loosens the dirt, the water is then used to cascade it away and rise the glass, then drying perfectly clean. This makes hard to reach places safe and efficient to clean! It also give the window frames a good clean at the same time.

Water Fed Pole window cleaning Leighs Window Cleaning
Water Fed Pole system
Water Fed Pole window cleaning Leighs Window Cleaning
Cascading Water from the WFP

So, simply put, our Water Fed Pole system is the latest and greatest of technologies, allowing us to safely and efficiently access your glass and clean it to pure perfection. SPOT FREE!!

Looking forward to showing all you guys what it is at some time.

Regards Leigh & the A-Team.

Water Fed Pole window cleaning Leighs Window Cleaning
Lee from LWC on the WFP

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