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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

It kills me to see people with a problem I KNOW I am the best to solve.

I love to see people happy and smiling.

I love helping all my workers to have successful lives-in ALL areas personal and professional.

Plus, I promised my Mum I'd help people and be a good example to my kids.

So, why do I continue to do it then?


True story. It's actually that simple.

I love helping, just because I know I can. And I know plenty of other people who feel the same. namely, my team. Its a requirement. If they're only in it for the money, or any other reason than genuine, honest help, they are not accepted in this group. And its not only my filter but this team will also squeeze out any impure workers amongst them on their own they don't need me to do it.

Look, I know its not always an easy first decision to get the windows cleaned or the pathway pressure washed, or to refer a friend. But I PROMISE…once you see our expertise and the level of care we take, you’ll be totally happy you did. We are not what you are expecting. We are not just another bunch of randoms.

We are here for you our customer. We exist to make you feel good about your house and our SOLE PURPOSE is to make things look and feel awesome (of course while remaining Environmentally Intelligent).

We just love to see you happy and smiling with the amazing final product.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, I lead an expertly trained and honed crew we dub ‘The A-Team’. They all understand our mission is about you, not us. Its in their DNA. Its about you being totally impressed with your own home once we have finished with it and moved on for the day. And its about you feeling totally safe, satisfied and completely happy with everything we’ve done. We are not the central focus in this mission, you are and your home. We guarantee our works. And so do our customer reviews.

So if you are just like us and you can’t stand cringing at dirty windows and feeling disappointed, or worse yet, you hate the risk of wasting money on streaky windows from an unprofessional window cleaner or a potentially damaging pressure washing job going bad, then relax, that’s just not us. Let us come over and answer all your questions so you can then go away and make an informed decision comfortably and in your own time.

We have all the expertise needed to safely and efficiently do the job, and we don’t even leave a mess behind (especially not an emotional mess😳😂)!

And the best part is, you get to relax, enjoy our work and not have any worries at all.

Call or text now for a fast, struggle-free quote. You dont even have to lose any of your valuable time making appointments to meet us if you don't want to. We can do it all by text/email photographs.

I promise you’ll fall in love with your home again.

We just want you to have what our existing customers know has changed their lives. And you never know, it might bring world peace 😂!

What is a 'Core Value'? Is it just a buzz word, a cool idea, a trendy thing to say you do to gain confidence in something or someone? Maybe its what faceless companies say to try to be accountable when they're really not accountable...? Click this link to see what we think it is and what it's for...

'A principle or belief that the Leighs Window Cleaning team views as being of central importance. We have developed these through experience and agree they are central to our success to service the customer well. These guiding ideas can influence our actions and help us to decide what is the absolute best possible outcome for all concerned.'

Love to the and all.

Leigh Crouch

Owner & Operator. A serial lover of helping.

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