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NKOTB-'New Kid On The Block' - Meet Michael K.

Here we continue with a short series of the core workers who make up your trusted favourite team of professionals. You'll get a quick-shot insight into who they are inside and outside of the LWC machine. I hope you get a giggle and have even more love for these guys as they wear their hearts on their sleeves, are honest and ethical workers and just have one common purpose: To brighten your world.

These posts may or may not be politically correct, but then again, this is not politics. Its a bit of light hearted humor and spirit-of-play. It grabs the essence of how we operate as a team and a great bunch of mates. We all personally know each other and have regular hang outs after work. I think this creates a really tight-knit team who are constantly on the same page and follow the same purpose of our essential core values. And we will not allow anyone on the team that doesn't have the same standards and purpose.

So here we go with one of our NEWSET workers, one that some of you have met on occasion (and now he has well and truly proven his allegiance and skills), Michael K!

He's a spritely small fella (compared to me anyway, who towers at 6'6"...) that truly has the customers best interests at the front of his mind always.

He is a well seasoned/experienced window Cleaner, Gutter Cleaner and Pressure cleaning expert. His observational skills for what's needed on a job and his efficiency ranks ups there with the best of us. Plus I just LOVE that he's a total team player - he won't let up until the job is complete, the customer is fully happy and everyone is ready to pack up.


  • All Window Cleaning needs - single storey, Double storey, Large Commercial & Residential - basically everything

  • Pressure Washing wizard - He can clean up the whole exterior in a flash

  • Gutter cleaning commando - this guy is like a ninja when it comes to gutter cleaning

  • Team player 100%.

  • Changing light globes for some of our more senior clientele

  • Extremely willing to take on any and all challenges (safely and efficiently of course!)

  • He can also eat a lot, but he prefers to set new standards of his own for levels of consumption, and thinks Lee is a rookie at breakfasts. And a bit slow.

Simply put, Michael is literally a pocket rocket of energy and he doesn't t let up at all until the customers are totally happy and have achieved exactly what they wanted form the team at Leighs Window Cleaning.

Since being on the team, Michael has brought with him a fresh viewpoint of positive input to contribute taking LWC to the next level and already has developed an excellent reputation with those customers that have met him. He's trustworthy, reliable, efficient and always maintains high standards.

When everyone else is tired, Michael kicks in the turbo to take it all the way to completion.

(A man of sometimes different) Interests:

  • Loves to always look fresh and ready

  • His work vehicle - the Audi

  • Always a cheeky smile and making others smile

  • HSP (Souvlaki Meat, Chips and Gravy...I know, I know. He needs food culturing)

  • Displaying his shoe collection (🤣)

  • Doting over his partner Emily (she's gorgeous, so why wouldn't he!)

  • Calling Diego 'Brian' and Lee 'The Slug'

  • Genuinely helping people and making a difference to them

  • Developing his Awesome Clothing brand, 'Positive Life Clothing'

  • Trading Pokemon cards (this is for real, he makes good money from this...)

Favourite (most applicable) Quotes:

Leigh: "I cant wait to get back to the beach and the pool?"

Micheal: ...see picture 😂.

Michael: "I'd like to apply for a position at LWC. I definitely think I'm an asset."

Leigh: ...see picture (again) 🤣.

Anyway, here's to hoping you enjoyed this and seeing the lighter side of our team. We love the culture and the fun we have, but when its time to get serious, there's no better team. We believe its healthy to have a bit of clean fun (sorry for the pun!) and make the journey to brightening our customers worlds a good one.

Warmest Regards-Leigh & The team at Leighs External Cleaning Services.

0414 413 643

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