The next Generation - Meet Jett.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Ok so this one comes straight from the heart. This little (not so little anymore!) dude is my pride and joy, he's my great buddy and my absolute idol (thats right, he's MY idol). He is totally on board with the LWC mission - To brighten your world. And every day he simply brightens mine too!He's my son, so meet Jett!

He brings a totally fantastic, light hearted humor and spirit-of-play to the team while always pulling his own weight. And he's worth his weight in gold. He's right up there with the essence of how we operate as a team and is well accepted by all the workers as a part of what we love to think is a great bunch of mates. He is constantly on the same page and following the LWC purpose of our essential core values. He's a true asset and just LOVES to work, grabbing any opportunity to come out and go for it (so long as he gets a hamburger...!).

He has a fantastic competence in window cleaning and pressure cleaning. He's proven himself on many occasions. He is already well aware of working safely and not taking risks that could cause any situation of any sort whatsoever. He loves to learn and loves to help. And will happily observe for hours and pick up how its done. All he really needs is a massive burger from Grill'd (dynamic duo is his favorite) or a slab sized souvlaki from Lambs on Lygon St and he's all set. Easiest way to win him over really!