The Ninja-Goose: Meet Lee

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Here we go with a small series of the core workers who make up your trusted favourite team of professionals. You'll get a quick-shot insight into who they are inside and outside of the LWC machine. I hope you get a giggle and have even more love for these guys as they wear their hearts on their sleeves, are honest and ethical workers and just have one common purpose: To brighten your world.

These posts may or may not be politically correct, but then again, this is not politics. Its a bit of light hearted humor and spirit-of-play. It grabs the essence of how we operate as a team and a great bunch of mates. We all personally know each other and have regular hang outs after work. I think this creates a really tight-knit team who are constantly on the same page and follow the same purpose of our essential core values. And we will not allow anyone on the team that doesn't have the same standards and purpose.

So here we start with one of our longest standing workers, the one pretty much everyone knows and generally loves and one of the most caring guys we know - LEE!

Even though he spells his name wrong (in the feminine form, my name is actually the correct spelling 'L-E-I-G-H', but he refuses to acknowledge this), he is a man of his word and a great productive worker who is multi skilled.