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The Venezuelan 'Ben': Meet Diego

Here we go with a small series of the core workers who make up your trusted favourite team of professionals. After Covid, hopefully you can take full advantage of our help and services after getting to know these guys a little more. You'll get a quick-shot insight into who they are inside and outside of the LWC machine. I hope you get a giggle and have even more love for these guys as they wear their hearts on their sleeves, are honest and ethical workers and just have one common purpose: To brighten your world.

These posts may or may not be politically correct, but then again, this is not politics. Its a bit of light hearted humor and spirit-of-play. It grabs the essence of how we operate as a team and a great bunch of mates. We all personally know each other and have regular hang outs after work. I think this creates a really tight-knit team who are constantly on the same page and follow the same purpose of our essential core values. And we will not allow anyone on the team that doesn't have the same standards and purpose.

So here we go with one of our fresher workers, very rapidly gaining the hearts of the LWC client base, and gaining ground amongst the team-DIEGO!

He's from Venezuela (he pronounces in 'Benezuela', so we sometimes call hime Ben, or Brian, or Gringo, or...). He's a one-shot, first-meet fall-in-love with him kind of guy. He loves to help people and is as genuine as they come. And pretty dam smart also!


  • Perfect customer relations

  • Pressure washing wizard

  • Gutter cleaning compadre (?)

  • Painting pro

  • Window Cleaning legend

  • Team manager

  • Most willing to try/learn anything and everything new

  • ALMOST eating as much breakfast as Lee

As you can see, this guy has a heart the size of Venezuela and just really enjoys meeting and helping people. He has a wonderful wife that supports him in everything he does and they are hoping to have a mini-Benezuelan clan of their own as soon as possible.

Since being on the team, Diego has developed a very strong following of customers that request his return routinely. He's can tackle any job I throw at him and is always up for the challenge or a race with any of us. Especially with Lee - not the boss Leigh (he knows he'll never be able to beat him 😆).

When push comes to shove, or the job needs a second-wind effort, Diego just goes at it until its done. Then he orders a Triple pattie Burger from Grill'd to deliver and is happy.

(A man of many) Interests:

  • Racing Lee to see how many breakfast rolls can be eaten

  • Japanese food

  • Practical jokes (usually on Lee)

  • Food. And More food...

  • MASSIVE soccer fan, except he calls it football. Which it isn't. Its soccer (AFL is actual football).

  • Making people laugh and feel good (it works too).

  • Calling Lee a Tasmanian...its the best insult he can think of. Even though it isn't.

  • Travelling and meeting new people

  • Spending time with family

  • Scaring his wife with Australian spiders.

Favourite (most applicable) Quotes:

Leigh: "How did you go today?"

Diego: "Eberyting ('everything')...PERFECT!".

Leigh: "Are you enjoying the work and helping the customers?"

Diego: "I LUB ('Love') my job. Iss so satisfying."

Anyway, here's to hoping you enjoyed this and seeing the lighter side of our team. We love the culture and the fun we have, but when its time to get serious, there's no better team. We believe its healthy to have a bit of clean fun (sorry for the pun!) and make the journey to brightening our customers worlds a good one.

Warmest Regards-Leigh & The team at Leighs External Cleaning Services.

0414 413 643

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