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Where it all began - Meet Leigh.

Ok so I was holding off on this one for a while. You know, its always easier to showcase everyone else but yourself! I was really hoping that the odd request for the blog on me would stop after everyone getting distracted seeing Brians love for donuts & Chokkie Big M's. That didn't happen. I guess at the end of the day, this is LEIGH's external cleaning after all. And the idea was built on delivering my abilities to you to Brighten your World through property maintenance, whether done by myself or my superbly trained team.

So as I continue to introduce this wonderful team, keep us in mind as each individual who really does care about the results you aim to achieve with us. Our goal is to get you to where you want to go, problem free, happily, and completely content that it was a pain-free and somewhat enjoyable transformation process from start to finish.

Remember, these posts may or may not be politically correct, but then again, this is not politics. Its a bit of light hearted humor and spirit-of-play. It grabs the essence of how we operate as a team and a great bunch of mates. We all personally know each other and have regular social contact (1.5 m distancing OF COURSE!) outside of work. I think this creates a really tight-knit team who are constantly on the same page and follow the same purpose of our essential core values. And we, as a group, will not allow anyone on the team that doesn't have the same standards and purpose.

I think you can all get a fairly good idea so far of what my values and goals are for my business.

I've been at this for over 20 years now - I never thought that would be the case when I started this adventure with my wife Nicole (who some of you are familiar with from he LWC office). We began when this juggernaut not long after we first met. And with a little one on the way - Indianah (who also now works in the office off LWC!) we knew it was time to put in the hard yards and develop something we could really be in control of and work to the standards we knew were best. I was on the tools and Nicole would do the office and promotional work. At the time, after having recently completed my Associate Diploma of Arts, I was working as a Visual Merchandiser (creating displays, window dressings, product merchandising, store layout etc etc) for various places including Myer and working on the team that produces their infamous Christmas windows .

At the same time I was playing in a band to make a living delivering fun. Great job, but very limited future. After achieving a few goals (playing with Jimmy Barnes, Kate Ceberano and various corporate gigs) it was time to move along. Hence the flip to creating businesses.

To this date I've never looked back and have gained so much insight into what it really means to meet new people and develop fantastic, long term relationships with them. To gain trust and work together to take care of some personally important aspects of their lives so they can continue their careers distraction free and always come home (or go to work) at a place that is clean and comfortable for them. this is important and meaningful. It means we get to contribute to some amazing people and help them further their goals. Sounds a bit out there, but thats how I see it.

My family has since grown from just the 2 of us to a total of 5 now. We have 3 simply fantastic kids who are really growing and enjoying happy lives. This is attributable to all the wonderful customers we have. Every single day we are grateful to have built these relationships so we could give out kids a bright, hopeful future. So for this, we thank you all!


  • 20 Years business building experience, including help build more than 9 other businesses

  • Fully licensed to work at unlimited heights

  • Fully licensed to operate unlimited height access equipment

  • Visual Merchandising & Design (Ass. Dip. Arts).

  • Musician- drums (played in a working band for many years. Favorite gig: Kate Ceberano & Jimmy Barnes).

  • Pressure washing wizard

  • Gutter cleaning compadre

  • Painting pro

  • Window Cleaning of anything and everything

  • Team building legend

  • Marketing manager

  • Custom longboard skateboard builder

  • Trying to resist breakfast, then Lee dangles the carrot and gets the better of me!

Its hard to summarise what really gets me going, but the above gives a small insight. The bottom line is, I love helping people and making them feel great in their properties. I love making things perfect. I love pushing things to their limits and beyond. And I love setting the bar higher in our industry as a whole.

Since growing this business and developing my workers I've never been more happy and satisfied with the way things are. There's a lot more to get done and places to go, but I feel like I'm on the right path.

And the family thats following makes me extremely proud!

A taste of some Interests:

  • Longboard Skateboard making (check out Anchor Plank Skateboards)

  • Being NOT bossy

  • Rowing - once upon a time previously training through the AIS for the Olympics. I was never as good as myself sister though!

  • Sailing - a life long passion handed down from my father and Grandfather

  • Flying light aircraft - also handed down from my Father

  • Food. Especially Dumplings...

  • Constant eye-rolling and whispering 'What the hell' to myself about Diego and Lee's practical jokes on each other.

  • Working 24/7

  • Telling Lee that Diego says he's slow

  • Skating

  • Cafe Breakfasts (Cheeky Monkey in Richmond is up there!)

  • Family - this means everything to me and is what fuels my purpose for being the best I can at everything I do.

Favourite Quotes:

Pretty much sums up working amongst this team...😂.

I've been told this by Brian on quite a few occasions. Then he had this made for me.

Love this. I agree and It's totally how I find engaging people for services I want to use.

And most importantly, my favorite statement comes last. Dreams, goals, ambitions—these are the stuff Man uses for fuel...

Anyway, here's to hoping you enjoyed this and seeing the lighter side of our team. We love the culture and the fun we have, but when its time to get serious, there's no better team. We believe its healthy to have a bit of clean fun (sorry for the pun!) and make the journey to brightening our customers worlds a good one.

Warmest Regards-Leigh & The team at Leighs External Cleaning Services.

0414 413 643

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